Your music, mixed your way.


"Songbird, has always delivered in rain or shine. They aren't just people who mix, master and polish your music. They are musicians, artists, visionaries, creators and most importantly... Patient enough to view your own vision with you. Songbird is where I rely my music to."

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"Matt [at Songbird] is a mastering pro. When it comes to achieving the sound that you're looking for, he goes the extra mile to understand where you're coming from and what you're after. He's patient and allows you to make notes on what you like and don't like and I would recommend him 100%. Top notch."

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"[Songbird's] facilities are top notch. He also has a great ear as a musician. Not only is he a talented vocalist, but a fantastic guitarist, bassist, pianist, and a virtuoso on the drum set. He is also a fantastic producer and songwriter. There are few people that I would trust my recordings with more than Matt."

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